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Posted by NailsXpress on January 3, 2010 at 11:10 AM

Always ensure you are using a safe Salon or Nail Technician.  A chemical called MMA is very bad for your nails.  A good technician would only use EMA.  An explanation of this follows:


MMA is an abbreviation for a chemical also known as MethaMethacrylate. This substance in its liquid form when mixed with acrylic powder goes through a chemical process called polymerization resulting in an extremely rigid nail enhancement. This rigidity can cause major trauma to the natural nail if the enhancement is put under any strain. The alternative to this product is EMA, EthylMethacrylate, a product designed to create a flexible acrylic nail. MMA has incredibly poor adhesive qualities meaning in order to attach the product to the natural nail the technician must heavily etch the surface of the nail plate. This ultimately thins the nail plate compromising the health of the natural nail. In comparison high quality EMA liquid based products when applied by a qualified professional technician will provide a safe nail enhancement whilst maintaining the integrity of the natural nail.

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