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Gelish -v- Shelac

Posted by NailsXpress on December 5, 2013 at 5:20 PM

People ask many times, what is the difference between Gelish and Shelac. 

Shelac is a power polish.  It is basically a polish with gel which enables it to be set in a uv or led light. It is a chip resistant polish which is dry on completion of the treatment.

Gelish is a gel polish with colour added. It is stronger and more flexible than Shelac. It has a foundation layer which includes keratin. This helps the nails to strengthen and they certainly grow faster too. If you are prone to dry flaky nails, then Gelish helps to bond it together again and improves the condition of your nails. 

When I apply Gelish I use all the proper components of the system. First I prepare and clean the natural nails. Next I use the Bond solution which takes away any oils/grease from the nail surface. Then the Foundation layer is applied and set in the uv light. Next comes the colour of your choice, this is normally applied in two thin layers.  Again it is set in the uv light.  Sometimes, depending on the colour depth, I use three coats of the colour. Finally I apply the Top Coat which protects the colour and gives the nails an amazing shine which lasts the whole 3 weeks that this system lasts for.

I finish the the treatment off with cuticle oil and if the clients hands need it, a hand massage with a good quality professional hand cream. 

I have some some clients who have come to me with very dry nails, many have said that it is because of using Shelac. I believe it is possibly because their Shelac was being soaked off using acetone, instead of the proper soak off solution.

I always soak off Gelish with the proper soak off solution for this product.  It is much kinder to the natural nails and smells nice too. 

I am am a fully qualified, insured and professional nail technician, and use only professional products for my services. 

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