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What Ive been up to lately

Posted by NailsXpress on May 19, 2015 at 5:50 AM

Well since my last blog, ive been on jury service which was quite interesting. It was when the solar eclipse happened and I found it quite funny walking through Manchester seeing people standing still, staring up into the sky and even the traffic was slower. Though heading into the centre of Manchester each day reminded me why I got out of that rat race many years ago.  But it is much easier by tram rather than the old trains to victoria I used to have to get !

We've decorated the salon a little and I'm about to pick up my renewed A Board.  I just thought it was far too fussy before.  Also with the wind we have had over the last couple of years, it need redoing, after being blown over several times.

Ive also just returned from a trip to France.  That was such a long long drive.  We know where to stay and not to stay too in future.  I dont know if you've ever been to La Rochelle, but it is beautiful.  We will definately go there again to break the journey up.

Unfortunately Ive returned with a bad back!  I dont know if it was the long journey or because I did so much on Saturday in the salon, or even the heavy shutter on the salon window hmmm. Note to self, get it greased again.

I'm on the look out for more Gelish colours, so if you are looking for something in particular, let me know. I always find it difficult to choose new colours that everyone will like.  Also Ive started doing GEL sculptured extensions again.  These are particularly good for people with their hands in water a lot or chemicals ie hairdressers.  You can even have the gel as an overlay on your natural nail, so if you have the length but not the strength, then this is ideal for you.  The Gelish can also be applied over the top of gel, the same as acrylics.  

Well I'm hoping the weather will pick up soon, we are in May afterall.  Looking forward to seeing you in the salon.  

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