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Condition of Nails

Posted by NailsXpress on July 21, 2015 at 2:10 PM

We use lots of terms to describe the condition of nails such as brittle and flexible, but its easy for these to be misunderstood, so its time to put the spotlight back on the main properties of natural nails.

HARDNESS - This is the nails resistance to scratching or denting of the surface.  Nail plates that are too hard are more likey to break or split and will also be brittle.  On the other hand, (excuse the pun) nail plates that are too soft are easily scratched, stained and are likely to peel.  A healthy nail plate is firm but not overly hard.  Many clients use a nail strengthener the minute their nails begin to break, but this isnt the solution as it will ony cause the nails to break further - nail strengtheners should only be used on weak, thin and flexible nails.

STRENGTH - This is the nail plates ability to resist breaking under heavy weight or impact. Nail plates need to be strong in order to resist the physical trauma we put them through on a daily basis.  If the load gets too much then we want the nail to break so as not to cause greater injury. Strength is important, but it must be balanced with flexibility.

FLEXIBILITY - This is the ability of a nail plate to bend and absorb load or impact.  If its not flexible then the nail would result in cracks, breaks or chips.  Healthy nail plates are highly flexible and will bend rather than break.  However, too much flexibility equates to thin nails. Clients with thin nails should avoid buffing the surface to avoid making the nails thinner.  Age, diet and prolonged exposure to chemicals etc, moisture, heat and cold can all affect flexibility.  

TOUGHNESS - If strength and flexibility are in balance, the result is a tough, durable nail plate.  The daily use of nail oils can improve flexibility and help restore toughness.

WEAR - Aggressive or heavy-handed filing can quickly wear away the nail pate, creating thinner nails.  

Your nail technician will consider what grade of file to use for your particular type of nail.  She will also advise the correct treatments and aftercare to prevent further damage and help promote healthy, balanced natural nails.

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