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The dreaded nail fungal

Posted by NailsXpress on September 30, 2015 at 2:10 PM

Today I want you all to know just what may be happening to your toe nails.

Fungal nail infections can affect all or part of the nail including the nail plate, nail bed and root The infection is slow to develop and affected nails may first appear thickened and discoloured, turning white, black, yellow or green.  If left untreated, nails can later become brittle and distorted in shape.  The toenails are more commonly affected than the fingernails.

Fungal nail infections often start as a skin infection, such as athlete's foot, before spreading to the nail.  An infection is occasionally caused by other types of fungi, such as candida.

There are several risk factors that can trigger an infection.  These include wearing shoes that cause feet to become hot and sweaty and being in a humid environment.  Certain health conditions, such as diabetes or psoriasis, also increase the risk of infection as they can damage the nail or skin, allowing infection to set in.

Fungal nail infections can be treated and usually cured, but some treatments can take many months to work, so you need to be patient.  As a Nail Tech I would advise a client to visit a chemist or doctor who can provide antifungal medicines.  If these medicines do not work, patients may wish to undergo laser treatment to destroy the fungus.  If the case is particulary severe then surgery to remove the nail is also an option.  

A Nail Tech can identify but not diagnose, so I would always refer to a doctor if in doubt.

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